Starting The Fish-Keeping Hobby

I was hooked on fish-keeping part because of my love for animals and part because of my uncle. He used to run betta fights and had lots of bettas, but as he grew older, he got bored of them and I was the successor of his bettas. Due to limited space, I decided to put them in the basement thinking that since they are very hardy, they will survive. Overnight, they died because of the cold. In sadness I quit fish-keeping.

When I turned 15, I decided to to go back to the fish-keeping hobby and loaded myself with 30 plus bettas of all the possible tail variants. Soon, I got bored of them because they could not be housed in the same tank. I do not like betta fights nor approve of betta fights. I wanted an aquarium or at least to start with a fish bowl. I then obtained three calico fancy tail goldfish housed in a one gallon fish bowl.

It soon lead to a 29 gallon, and seeing that I can house more fishes in there, I did. As time went on, I’ve obtain more fishes which means -more tanks! When I turned 18, my family and I moved to a new house and a lot of my fishes died during the move because I did not know how to transport them. I was very sad. Eventually, I re-started again.

Over the years, I have kept many fishes but I found that I show more interests in cichlids, specifically, Central American Cichlids.

Although there are a lot of people out there that shares the same interested in the aquarium hobby, we all at the same time do not share the same interest in the types of fishes and this is where specialization comes into play.

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